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The Sweetness Lies Within

This song is by Hefner and appears on the album Breaking God's Heart (1998).

There's just a sea between us,
I know this hope will find us.
This serenade reminds us,
Be calm, be strong, be patient.
White skin and auburn hair that,
Just makes me stare and stare and,
You're a friend that really cares and,
You have a healing quality that I see.
But the sweetness lies within you,
And I swear I won't forget you.
When you're tying back your hair,
You have the prettiest of necks.
All the angels broke my heart,
Yes they really had a knack,
Because I loved life so,
And they didn't love me back.
But I swear it's not your beauty,
It's something inside,
It's the grace that you hide,
It's the sweetness that's within.
Beware of spiteful eyes because,
They know not what they do.
Wear clothes that look good on you,
And boys will flock from all of Europe.
Treasure time that was spent with me and,
I will wait for eternity and,
I belong between the angels knees and,
Those filthy little angels never want to sleep with me again.

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