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The Hymn For Thomas Courtney Warner

This song is by Hefner.

All this land was privately owned in the late 1800's when Thomas Courtney Warner decided to build cheap accommodation for the working classes,
And oh those houses were pretty with their red bricks, they have a restrained elegance uncommon in most other housing that was designed before the First World War,

I am happy with you,
And I can see the sunlight between you legs from a certain angle,
And I can see you look at other men if I turn around in time,
And I can hear you singing out of tune if I creep behind you,
When will you come home,
Oh when will you come home.
If we don't go to church how will we save ourselves,
If we don't go to bars we will surely kill ourselves,
The library's the place to redeem ourselves but its oh so dull,
It's the bedroom every time.

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