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The Heart Of Portland, Oregon

This song is by Hefner.

Oh, that wasn't me that was the caffeine talking,
You should go to bed because tomorrow your working but if you want to smoke all night, I don't mind,
Oh, I met a girl who took me to her favourite bar,
We went back to hers and then we went too far, but I like going too far just sometimes,
My clothes don't fit me, paracetomol and whiskey,
Make me fall to my knees,
The rivers here are wider the roads here are wider,
And when I'm here beside her I'm not sure I want to leave,
They sell coffee all night here,
They sell breakfast all night here,
They sell honey roasted cigarettes but still I think of home,
Oh the dope is stronger here,
I won't see these friends for years,
I have a sweetheart at home in tears so I must go home.
Mercy, didn't think I'd ever ride a bike that fast,
Didn't think I'd ever see a truly independent self-sufficient sub-culture.

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