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Normal Molly

This song is by Hefner.

She made me sweat, she mad me swoon.
Oh she put me off my food.
And when her boyfriend left the room,
She showed me her tattoo.
The girls wear roll necks, the boys wear button-downs and they sit and they frown,
As she leads me to her room.
And now she's taking her clothes off before me,
She has the skinniest elbows I've ever seen.
And once our bodies are warm we'll be shaking our peaches we'll be twisting till dawn,
We both know what we're doing but we don't care, but we don't care.
And if she reads Daily Mail I will leave her,
And if she smokes too much pot I will leave her,
When she says she is skint I believe her,
And Christ only knows how I need her.
The girls wear hipsters the boys wear jeans,
They don't understand what I mean when I say she's too good for me.

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