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My Art College Days Are Over

This song is by Hefner.

When I'm feeling sad, she is feeling nothing.
When she's on the land, I am underwater;
Swimming to the devil in the hope that the words that she stole from my mouth will be placed right back.

When I'm underfed, she is being gluttonous,
Eating all the cakes that I cooked with a passion.
I wish that her waste was the size that it was and the taste in her mouth was something like it used to be.

And the girl on the bus used the same soap as her and she stopped and she looked and I had to turn away,
Whilst we were getting laid,
I was happiest that way.
And the girl on the train used the same hairspray,
But she looked and I blushed and I had to turn away,
It's getting desperate these days,
Oh my art college days are over.

I always stay up late, and get up even later,
I wish I had the cash to start to redecorate,
The smoked stained walls and the wine stained carpets,
Like my food stained jumpers are reminders of incompetence.
Oh I should be ashamed of letting things go this way.

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