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More Christian Girls

This song is by Hefner.

Now I believe the angels taunt my laughs and bless my sighs,
Oh god is my crutch and my need is such I want to smell all the sheets where she lies,
Her sermon is a burden and I cower and crave all the love she gives to others in spades,
She is wisdom, she is light, she is all that's in between.
Christian girls should be kept pristine and totally devoid of pain, she won't here my refrain.
Gloria's freckles just titter and tease and they're no bloody use to me.
Scribble to a note that is tacked to my door is a list of all the traits in men I abhor like looking at the hemlines of the young pretty ladies when they should be looking at their lips,
And no matter how hard I pray my bed still stays empty,
No matter how hard I pray my soul remains untouched.
It's a shame that she feels this way, I want to kiss all her fingers today.

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