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Just Take Care

This song is by Hefner.

Julie, come see me,
I'll be like the one you want to see, please,
Could you do the same for me?
Don't cut your hair.
Don't wear crap shoes.
Drive with care.
I want you to stay like this.
I want the weather to stay like this.
I want this kiss to stay like this but it won't, thing's change.
Just take care, everything's all right we will be happy,
From now on.
Just take care, everything's OK and always will be from now on.
Julie, come see me,
I'd walk 6,000 miles to you but these aren't really walking shoes,
And my feet aren't what they used to be.
I want life to stay like this when your brown eyes shine brightest,
So I want your eyes to stay like this,
But they won't they'll grow old.
My hair's a little greyer and I stoop a little lower and my appetite for sex is slowly sinking.
I want to be so pretty for you when I'm reaching 62,
But we are growing old and that's not fair.

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