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Destroyed Cowboy Falls

This song is by Hefner and appears on the compilation album Boxing Hefner (2000).

And she's dancing with me tonight, I am happy,
As I tread on her feet tonight, I am happy.
And the wicked spell of the alcohol has closed up my mind and opened my wounds,
But the glorious art of the prettiest girl that god ever made has healed them back up.
1500 men couldn't build a monument to her beauty, to her nature,
20,000 men will slit their wrists over her and this destroyed cowboy has fallen for her.
And if her hand touched my face tonight then I'm blessed,
And if I had to decide between life without her and death, no contest.
And the wicked thoughts of my poisonous mind have been cured for tonight everything is alright,
And my heart is cocooned in a paper thin shell that she cradles in her arms.

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