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This song is by Heffer85.

I can remember when you were just an innocent girl
Back in elementary school we had the most fun in the world

Playin' tag at recess runnin' round all day
Pretending to hold hands it was A-OK

I wish that I could take us back to a time we have forgotten
The fun we shared living without a care
Nothing quite like the good old days there's just no way
To forget the past and all the things you've taken from me

Growing up through middle school we drifted apart
We didn't talk anymore you broke my heart

Following you around and you turning away
Just because you can get hotter guys doesn't mean I'm gay

Never forget you and all the things you've taken from me
We'll never change if you forgive me for what I've done
Rather relive through school just to see you again
Nobody quite like you you're the only one for me