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This song is by Heffer85.

Sometimes I get desperate
In times when I can't take it
The love that you forget to show me
Only helps to make me lonely

All I wanted was for you to be happy
But that won't happen because you despise me
I guess something's wrong, it's been so long
Since you've called me
Nobody's perfect so don't expect me to be
I'm never changing, not for anybody
I know you can't help it, you are so wonderful, you are so perfect

I used to love you but now you're a whore
You say sex doesn't thrill me, love is a bore
I sent you a letter to explain to you better
How you're going to hell, isn't that swell
You lied to me constantly but kept a watch over me
To make sure I wouldn't tell your friends you're fake
In the end you'd end up choosing my friends over me, pitiful me

Help me, help me God from this demon
She misses me, and kisses me
Believing I don't know

Dear mom, dear mom save me
End this strife, take away my life
I can't have the devil for my wife