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​400 Skyline

This song is by Heffer85.

Sometimes I know somebody's watching over me
He tells me you're the one to hold me
You never forget to say I love you
There's always room for one last time
You try to walk through that door but the doorway never ends

You take my life from me, everybody lies
What's inside I can't see, you close my eyes
There's never time for me, one step closer to that sight
Where nobody is happy, everybody's right

From the start I could tell, everything's falling straight through hell
This time I'm not letting you go, without you I'd never know
How much love could mean to me, how nothing is meant to be
Strong enough to last forever

Now something is wrong, you've taken way too long
To let me know how you feel, let me know if it's real
But I guess I'll never know, knowing it's time for you to go
Away from my life, nobody's fit to know what's right