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The Magic

This song is by Hecuba and appears on the album Paradise (2009).

I wanna watch cartoons with you
Merry melodies
And loony tunes
It's all I want to do
All I want to do
Walk on clouds with you
Walk on by with you
We could sleep together
In my dreams we are birds of a feather
You got the magic
You got the magic baby
You got the magic
You got the magic baby
Oh yeah the magic
Oh yeah the magic tonight
Whoa whoa
Black bird
Singing in the dead of night
I don't want to be your monkey
I want to be your friend
You don't got to sing for me
I wanna be your friend
Your so light it's like walking on air
Please don't evaporate
We could sleep for ever
In my dreams
We are light as a feather

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