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This song is by Heavy Trevy and the Not So Fat Kids.

When I woke up you really need some make up
I must have really been fucked up
So just get away from me
And when I sat down
And thought about what went down
I can't believe that I got down
With your disgusting...

Now my friends are gonna laugh at me

She's standing all alone
She's waiting by the telephone
Those lonely nights and still she cry some more,
Die you fuckin' whore!

Well I don't know what I've been told
That you like me, so now I have to go
So why do you keep staring at me

So don't complain when you want a little more
Or talk shit behind my back you silly, stupid, whore
Cause you think that you're hot and smart, but you 're not
There's something wrong with your face!

Got to stay away, so you better stay away
Cause "You're not worth my cum" (hahah)