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This song is by Heavy Trevy and the Not So Fat Kids.

Well, when I first met you I thought to myself
That I'd be with you and no one else
But I guess I was sorely mistaken

And please don't tell me that you care
With that open ended stare
I'd be lying if I said that you were there

So what I'm trying to say is...

Goodbye and Fuck you
Can't you see that it is
Too late for your ass
So come take your shit back

Why do you--always kick me when I'm down
And lie to me--because I know you sleep around

And when you talk all I hear is "bla bla bla"
But would you think I'd listen at all
So I'll pretend that I don't care

And I know you'll try to lie
Cause you desperate to deny
All the dirty things you did with those other guys

Sometimes I feel like I'm waisting away
Sometimes I feel like there's no reason to stay
Soon you'll be gone (and it's better that way)
Your time is up and I've got something to say...