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Ask Heaven

This song is by Heavy D and appears on the album Heavy (1999).

I'd like to dedicate this song
To everyone who's cried before
Who's felt pain and suffering before
This just ain't about me
But most importantly I'd like to send this song out to my family
I love my family
'Specially my mother and my father
I wanna thank you for being so strong
God bless you, I love you

Sometimes I sit back, relax, sip on Cognac, reminscin
On how it used to be, when we were kids
Laughin' at the things that we did (uh-huh)
Damn near broke but we knew how to live, peep the scene
Mom and dad, bustin' they ass, 14 years
In the night they would pass, each other
Tryin' to raise six of us - one sister, four brothers
Two deceased, laid to rest
And I miss you cats, what I wouldn't give to bring you back
To fill the void that you left in my heart
Your last breath really tore me apart
And I'm sorry if I never said I loved you enough
I truly did

(Chorus: Chico DeBarge)
Ask, heaven, heaven - is there room for me?
'Cause I believe, that's where you'll be
Waiting for me, at the end of a stairway to heaven

(Heavy D)
Aiyyo I swear to you, I'll put it on the bible, no lie
On the days you guys died, I seen daddy cried
I was shocked, y'all know how tough pop is (f'real)
But he really turned soft when life stopped his kids (damn)
Speakin' of kids? Yours - beautiful
Promisin, beautiful, I wish you could see 'em
So much of life, with a touch of yo' light
And I'm doin' my best, to make sure they all right
When I was young, some big kids stole my bike
Came home and told y'all and had it back that night
When I was older you started smokin' and you sold my bike
I remember 'cause I cried all night; I wasn't mad
I was sad cause the crack had control of your life
And you couldn't even put up a fight
You told me Dwight, I promise lil' brother, I'ma make it all right
You left home, and you died that night - damn I miss you

Thanksgiving day, came home, surprised the family (surprise)
Walked inside the crib, the mood was wrong (damn)
I heard my moms in the background screamin on the phone (dad what's goin' on?)
I rushed to get closer like yo mom, what's wrong?
She said your brother's buggin out, hurry up, take a look
I grabbed my brother Floyd and we started to book (run run)
It wouldn't take long, he lived right around the block
I tried to stay strong, but I was shakin a lot (I'm scared)
Got there, ran up the stairs, he was stretched out in the lobby
A 7-year jail bid physique graced his body
I fell to my knees, like no Jerry please
I was frightened, he was fightin to breathe
Mumblin somethin' Heav' don't let 'em take me I ain't ready to leave
I felt his clutch on the cuff of my sleeve, then it eased
He felt calm, as he died in my arms
OD's off of heron, and just like that, he was gone
Thanksgiving day will forever be hard
Cause that's the day we gave my brother to God, ma you hear me?
Thanksgiving day will forever be hard
Cause that's the day we gave my brother to God, I love you

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