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Untitled (from Crossing Border)

This song is by Heather Nova.

I walked along the shore today
Stood lookin' out across the bay
Took off my shoes pulled back my hair I
Looked into the water there
Thought about my life and where I had to go
And what I know now
I feel older
Than I must be

Still the wonder stirs me up I
Still my dreams are pullin' at me
Things I want to feel and see

Thought about the passing time

Of what we're really trying to find
Where we go when we're gone
I just can't walk it on

Up to the rocks I waited you
Above my ankles and my shoes
I felt the sand beneath my feet weak

Take the bitter with the sweet
Take the pain in search of joy

I'm still the child I was inside
Emotions that I tried to hide

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