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Just Like Old Times (1992)Edit

Heather Myles - Just Like Old Times

Just Like Old Times

  1. Love Lyin' Down
  2. Why I'm Walking
  3. Changes
  4. Rum And Rodeo
  5. Make A Fool Out Of Me
  6. The Other Side Of Town
  7. Just Like Old Times
  8. Stay Out Of My Arms
  9. I Love You, Goodbye
  10. Lovin' The Bottle
  11. One Good Reason Why
  12. Playin' In The Dirt

Untamed (1995)Edit

Heather Myles - Untamed


  1. And It Hurts
  2. Just Leave Me Alone
  3. When You Walked Out On Me
  4. Cadillac Cowboy
  5. Until I Couldn't Have You
  6. Indigo Moon
  7. It Ain't Over
  8. Begging To You
  9. How Could She
  10. Coming Back To Me
  11. Gone Too Long
  12. Untamed

Sweet Little Dangerous (1996)Edit

Heather Myles - Sweet Little Dangerous

Sweet Little Dangerous

  1. Introduction/Read You All Wrong
  2. Gonna Have Love
  3. The Other Side Of Town
  4. Sweet Little Dangerous
  5. If The Truth Hurts
  6. True Love Won't Let You Down
  7. Lovin' The Bottle
  8. When The Tingle Becomes A Chill
  9. Love Me A Little Bit Longer
  10. Rum And Rodeo
  11. Worried Wife Blues
  12. Changes
  13. Walk Through This World With Me
  14. Cadillac Cowboy

Highways & Honky Tonks (1998)Edit

Heather Myles - Highways & Honky Tonks

Highways & Honky Tonks

  1. You're Gonna Love Me One Day
  2. Kiss An Angel Good Morning
  3. You've Taken Me Places I Wish I've Never Been
  4. Broken Heart For Sale
  5. True Love
  6. No One Is Gonna Love You Better
  7. Playin' Every Honky Tonk In Town
  8. Mr. Lonesome
  9. Rock At The End Of My Rainbow
  10. Who Did You Call Darlin'
  11. Love Me A Little Bit Longer
  12. I'll Be There

Sweet Talk & Good Lies (2002)Edit

Heather Myles - Sweet Talk & Good Lies

Sweet Talk & Good Lies

  1. Sweet Talk & Good Lies
  2. Nashville's Gone Hollywood
  3. Never Had A Broken Heart
  4. One Man Woman Again
  5. Little Chapel Duet With Dwight Yoakam
  6. By The Time I Get To Phoenix
  7. One And Only Lover
  8. Big Cars
  9. The Love You Left Behind
  10. If The Truth Hurts
  11. Homewrecker Blues
  12. Sweet Little Dangerous
  13. Cry Me A River

Other SongsEdit

  1. I'll Be There If You Ever Want Me
  2. Little Chapel

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