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This song is by Heather Headley and appears on the album This Is Who I Am (2002).

I've had my share of disappointments
I've been strucked by love
I've been stuck for love
And I've been blind for love
And wasted time for love
But I've always lived by mama's words so
Never been a fool for love
Tell you like my mama told me(mama told me)
Remember that you're royalty
And it takes a real man to see

Chorus:Love is fulltime,overtime
All the time now see
If he ain man enough to see
Then you gatta roll ,gatta go,gatta leave
Repeat chorus

Tell me..what good is candy,card's and roses?
If only he'll hurt you again
Just to say that he's sorry again
In my opinion he's the sorriest man
And you can do much better than him
Don't be afraid to open up your eyes,recognize and see
Tell you like my mama told me(baby your a queen)
Remember that you're royalty
And it takes a real man to see

Chorus (repeat 1)

You gatta say you can't run your game on me
Brother I'm wise enough to see
Been down this same street before
Can't go back nomore
No I can't go back nomore

Chorus out

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