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Four Words From A Heartbreak

This song is by Heather Headley and appears on the album This Is Who I Am (2002).

I've said I won't cry any more
What's the use of crying for
Doesn't change the fact that loves a fragile thing
Like oneday I was your everything
But Tuesday you had new's to bring
You have to go its just the way somebody told me.........

Your four words from a heartbreak just
Four words from a mistake just
Your four words from a heartbreak
He's leaving its over he's sorry good-bye.........

Maybe all we have is now
Promises they fade somehow
Don't tell me please
About the love we'll share tomorrow
Do you remember the plans we made
The lying in the shallow grave
Makes dream of the shattered dreams
Like someone told me........


Good bye sorry hes leaving
its over (leaving)
Good bye sorry hes leaving
But the pain isnt over

(C x 3)

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