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​Ragged Man

This song is by Heather Alexander and appears on the album Life's Flame (1996).

Hey little ragged man,
Tell me where you're going?
The twilight hours are long over
And the winter winds are blowing

Do you have a secret
That keeps you set apart?
Or are you just a victim
Of someone's hardened heart?

Hey little ragged man
Are you heading homeward?
Or is your home a mystery
Like an edge without a sword?

Do you keep your secret
Away from all you meet,
Or do you have a partner
Upon the silent street?

Hey little ragged man
Help me find the courage
I need the strength to carry on
And stand up to this outrage

Let me know your secret
Let me be your friend
Together we will conquer
Together we will mend

I saw a little ragged man
His feet of dancing frost
With rags about his icy hands
And breath plumed like exhaust
He laughed and looked upon the end
And cried because he'd lost