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​Defender Of The Child

This song is by Heather Alexander and appears on the album Life's Flame (1996).

So there you are, hiding just behind my eye
Another scar, breath of a death, you will never die
Fresh drawn blood upon your cheek
Confrontation's all you seek

Passion rampant, hatred wild,
Defender of the child

Another friend, this means that the blood will fall
Can it not end? Why should I try having love at all?
Sword is to run, you take that stand
Soon you'll sever friendship's hand

Attitude, the bodies piled
Defender of the child

Without you life would seem forever sweet
Without you t'would be a merry dance
Without you I would trust each face I meet
Without you I would never have a chance

So stand by me fight the moonlight when you must
Love yet can be pain will remain if we do not trust
Join as one, instead of two
If they love me then they love you

Wisdom strong and mercies mild
Defender of the child (5 times)