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​The Unaccepted Gift

This song is by Heat Of Fusion.

Back to the dream,
Forgot about your King,
Forgot the reason why you breathe.
Feeels so unclean,
Looks so obscene,
Too late to quite tell what you've seen,
Think about you fate,
Could it be so great,
Glance 100 stories down.
If you fall,
Try to recall,
I won't be waiting on the ground.
You've killed yourself,
You've made your hell,
When there was much left to say.
In yoour trance,
No second glance,
Now you know you should've prayed
All the Lord gave,
You could've saved,
But you just turned your back on Him.
Threw it away,
Now today's the day,
You'll be judged for all your sin.
Jesus showed you light,
Which you denied,
You've chosen your way
It was all there,
But you just stared,
Remember that I told you so.