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Time To Heal

This song is by Heartscarved and appears on the album And Tomorrow We Escape (2001).

Loneliness sets in now that you're gone.
I think to myself, how could I let the best thing to enter my life get away.

When all is said and done I'll accept the fact that I'm the one to blame.
It takes two to make a situation go wrong.
Accept your side or I will force it on you.
Force it on you.

You're not as innocent as you may seem,
I vow to prove it, I will win.
I'll emerge the better person.
You will see when you're crawling to me.

Crawling, begging me for my forgiveness.
Forgiveness is a false virtue, it doesn't come easy.
You will see when you're crawling to me on your hands and knees.
We've been through this once before.

Fuck you.
You will see now that I no longer care about you

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