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Ten Rules

This song is by Heartscarved and appears on the EP ...And Tomorrow We Escape (2001).

Under the sun I hide undone,
I look to you to find reason.
To find some insight to my hollow words.
Waiting for heaven to rescue me
From the pain and suffering.
Trying to kill this curse bestowed upon my soul.

I'm swimming through darkness,
My spirit is cracked.
There is no reason for me to go on. Shades of black and white fill my eyes,
They come together to form a gray sky.

The sun is gone.
My soul is left to rot.
Where is the God
That's supposed to fall?
The white light disappears.
Black thoughts fill my head.
The worst is yet to come.
Is this what death is like?

Follow ten rules or you shall burn, damnation forever,
As long as you shall live

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