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Subsiding The Floods Of Indifference

This song is by Heartscarved and appears on the album And Tomorrow We Escape (2001).

I'm tired of being forced to explain myself while you sit back and stare at me for what you think I don't know.

Heart that's cold, mind that's numb, confused thoughts run (through your). Cut the cord, let the blood flow through these (hollow eyes).

Falling out of yourself into something that is not you.
Plagiarized emotions are a heavy cross to bear.
Falling out into something that is not you,
And I know that you are afraid (afraid to say goodbye).

I'm drowning in the floods,
Drowning in the floods of emotion (drowning in the).
In the floods, drowning.
Your faceless smile don't mean a fucking thing to me, nothing.
Your mindless thoughts are your business not mine, not mine.
Your faceless smiles don't mean jack shit to me, fuck you.

I refuse to sit back and watch this happen.
Neverending guilt trips lead me to believe that you are not what you seem to be.

Maybe if I killed you I could lay down this cross I bear (this cross I bear).
I keep crawling back into this fetal position to (to play this passive role once again).
These words burn holes, the words burn holes (maybe if I killed you).
This cross I bear upon my conscience I bear for you

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