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This song is by Heartscarved and appears on the album Epilogue (2002).

I'm beginning to grow tired of the day to day routine
Where has the excitement of living life gone to? I walk around in a state of disbelief
Looking for different ways to escape reality, because to me it's become fucking boring
All I can do is sit around and slowly contemplate my life, all you do is just turn around and walk away from me
Some people walk around in cliques like herds of sheep with their fucking noses in the air
And, if you're not a part of their clique, then you're no longer fucking wanted
If not for the few close friends that I have, who knows where I could be at this time in my life
Friends and family are the most important things to have
You will always have me
They saved me from an early end
I don't care what you think, I don't care what you say
Friends are the most important things in your life
They're the ones that make it all worth it
They make life worth living