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This song is by Heartscarved and appears on the album Epilogue (2002).

Should I be patient and wait and see just what happens? Or should I just move on with my life? Someone give me the answer, make me see the light
Face to face with the biggest decision of my life
I'm not sure which way to turn
The only things that matter are so far apart
I wish they were close together
It's hard for me to have one and not have the other
I'm not sure if I can go on
I'm not sure which one is more important at this time in my life
I know that I need to make the decision
I wish this was easier
I have never had to make a life changing decision before
I'm caught between two worlds and I'm not sure just where to go
Salvation please, come rescue me
I was born into something so full of love and happiness
Yet it's so hard for me to return to you and stay
Give me the reason to return
I'm involved in something I believe in, yet it's moving at a very slow pace
This is all I want to do for the rest of my life
Sometimes it's all that makes me happy
Other times it makes me insane
Perhaps the answer is in my heart and I'm too impatient to see it