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This song is by Heartless Crew.

(Woman) I'm sittin' here... cryin
Lookin' back I never thought that things would be this messed up
I never dreamed that you and me would be breaking up
I can't believe I've lived to see that you are there and I ain't there
It makes me scared so I plea.

When your ass should be home here no where to be found
I'm sittin' here worryin your clownin around.
Yesterday I did your laundry found stains on your underwear
So you thought you could of played me
You no you got caught out there... how could you boy
Why am I worryin why feel sorry over you
Why am I trippin' why am I even feelin' blue

I feel it now I see it now the truth is I was lonely
I'm sensitive like dat I need you back just you and me
I no dat doesn't justify the need for me to lie
But you promised me girl that you would never leave my side.
Remember but then success came then stress came I no d fame
And artificial girls they like me but don't no my name
All I thought about was seein you my girl again
While you gave off I was caught up in dis music game

Why did you have to go there why mess with my heart
You no wot girl if you think back I told you right from the start
That if you don't give me support are trust will fall apart

You caught me out lets sort it out don't talk about walking out now
I got my feet back on the ground now I messed around I messed it up
I fucked it up I pushed my luck
I no its wrong and now I'm singin' a sad song
Don't you no your love has got me under pressure
'Cause I no that we're never gonna be together 'cause your family arranged an agenda
They'll never let ya
But remember...
You are my lover you are my babygirl to me and you no
That you mean the world to me
But now I guess its just a lesson that we've learned
You played with fire and you must get burned

(Girls~) I just wished you had told me from the first time
Didn't wanna hear it through the grapevine
Bout ur undercover romance... hell no you won't get a send chance
I asked myself
(Chorus) (with bridge over)

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