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This song is by Heartist and appears on the album Nothing You Didn't Deserve (2012).

Oh, my feet have carried me beyond your memories to places you cannot be. Breathe in the oxygen where I am. I know you can feel me, the hairs stand on your neck. Can you remember what brought us here, or are you just as lost as I am? When will we find our way back home?

I'm disconnected from the ones above. I'm disconnected from the ones who fell in between. And I'll stray from this pathway though there's still nothing left of me.

Oh, but now they bury me. How could you let me be sucked in by the ones that dwell beneath?

So I wave goodbye to my past as I stray on my own. Now I walk alone.

Fall from grace so I can earn my place. Leave no trace so I can finally say, goodbye.

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