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​The Sentiment

This song is by Heartbreak Club.

Who said you made the best of me?
A new test for soon well safely see
If I'm right, or I'm wrong.
There's no care when anger writes a song
I question all the words you say
Pressing Teddys heart I pray
Proclaim there's no misleading
But this is how I feel

A straight face to overcome it so
A brisk pace into it. Now know
We are all amiss.
Do you think I can't see more to this
Than his hands upon your hips?
Or see you linger on his lips
And still want it, still need it?
Lets kill the hops that feeds it

I'm over you, but not the sentiment of losing you
If anyone should ask me why I ache and pain, or sleep alone
Or drink the lonely nights, its 'cause I'm over you
But not the sentiment of losing you.

I'm open but a cut is not a game
Well ascribe Pandora be your name
Have I a need to fight Miss Ill-shed-and-boycott-you
Ill not miss you
When your friends are those you slay.
Teddy falls and fades away
But still wants it, still needs it
Lets kill the hope that feeds it.