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​The Girl At Tguk

This song is by Heartbreak Club.

Here's to me. I've just lost my everything.
This pout and mope industry justifies something cruel.
Butterfly her colours and patterns are interesting
Please find my new everything.
Don't play me for a fool.

Oh, keeping moving on
'Cause if you stop you put to test
Strength, pain, loneliness.
Hiding is safe for the soul
I'd rather be alone, alone.
Hide. Stall. Then you know
In time I will have learnt from the past.
Tonight, she stirred something indide of me.
But if I stop I put to test
Strength, pain, loneliness now.

From tonight I'll never try clipping an angel's wings
Left alone lets the angels sing
Burning high, burning bright.
Firefly taking the nighttime for her to shine
Come the new morn, become your death
Out of sight. Out of mind.