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Sunset And The Raging Sea

This song is by Heartbreak Club.

Believe me, Repetition is my middle name
I've seen this scene before
She slumbers and closes eyes
He tries but the sleep is hers

When things turn hazy
Our instincts say that we're all but maybe's.
Oh sunset, won't you once just let me in?

You're far from me
Said the sunset to the raging sea
You'll never know there were no words you said
That could make me stay
I'm someone else and I fear I'll never truly be with you

My nervous hands are starved of undressing you
The urgency isn't here
If all you need in a certainty when I'm with you
I'm with you, that's all

Day by day I've been stressing 'bout the
Thousand ways I'be been stripping back the
Shade of grey. but in creasing the
Days by days I'm conceding that you're far from me...

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