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​Lend Me Your Ears

This song is by Heartbreak Club.

Transatlantic friends, your culture grows and thus it permeates our end
And though we raise our voice to spurn and shun your ways
All while condemning it we secretly seek praise

And if a lonesome one departed comes revered
New reputation lets the smile replace the sneer
Your sound acceptance lifts the burden of the cringe
And all a suddenly we'll say this one is one of ours

We write melodic testament with the hope you'll sooner see
We're filled with false assumption. but our accents can't be beat
Californian confidant lend me your ears
'Cause we're gone

Miss I-missed-your-name
Please understand my grace defies my newfound fame
And though I raise my voice to spurn and shun the ways
All while condemning it seek your special praise

I think... but Ted believe he should avoid the eyes
This boy's no man to raise the bar between the thighs
Ashamed, he'll stumble and he'll turn and run away
And in earshot he'll hear the phrase 'this one's not one of ours'