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Is It You?

This song is by Heartbreak Club.

I'm learning loss of lovers arms, once warm and self-assured
My loss is like an ocean blue, so cold and insecure
She said indefinite time apart heaven knows we need it
Then tore my world in hemispheres, but I still want her half.

Three weeks ago she left, she left but casts her shadows still
I've told myself I'm not selfish but my hearts not had its fill
She said indefinite times apart heaven knows we need it
My heart it grieves, it begs for reasons why, why, why

To feel you leaving was to lose my self-respect
And to cure my name, such is a trait of retrospect.
What currency had made the boy with pockets bare
Become the richest man on earth before despair?
You see, it is you.

So turn the pictures down, ignore what once was had
I've locked myself away, I'm so insular and sad.
But hark! A tap and scratching upon a window pane
Anticipation runs its course throughou

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