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Boy Said / Girl Said

This song is by Heartbreak Club.

Boy said 'girl, I think we'll spend more time together'
Girl said 'boy, it's as if you had read my mind'
They exchanged glances, withheld together
Pupils gazed, trying to work out what the other one
Was trying to say

What have we here? Could this be love?
A strange, strange thing to be feeling.
If you're not sure boy, don't let her go
And take your hand off of your brow
Let your heart do the beating
If you're not sure boy, don't let her go away

Boy said 'girl, I'm really not the type for romance'
Girl said 'boy, I think you're just a little daft'
She grabbed his hand, pulled them together
Locked their lips. Fate, fortune, fanciful fevers
Quietly distilled the air.
When I was younger I had thought there was no more to me
Than just skin, flesh, blood and bones.
Oh I don't want to be just rag 'n' bone
I'm down on my knees, I'm begging you
Please don't go away.

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