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This song is by Heartbreak Club.

If I could own what lovers own
I'd sell my shares in apathy tomorrow.
Your love could mend my broken bones,
Soothe a soul and plug a heart that's leaking

So please pick up, Bethanie, it's Teddy
It's not the old me it's the new me
When I grow up can ew get back together?
I declare I'm prepared to bow down and baste the turkey
I'm not selfish. Serious. Can we get back together?

I bit my tongue three times today
So cut some slack, I want you back in my arms.
Unsew my lips and haste to say
I've been couhging up blood since you left me!

I tried my best, but since you left
Been sleepless for days
I cry in my unrest, but since you left
Been counting the ways
That I could stifle hope, or cut your throat
Is that too rude for you?
Do I offend you? Should I sing something more subdued?

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