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Falling Up

This song is by Hearsay Tao and appears on the EP By Land, By Air, By Sleep (2002).

Rain go on and rain (repeat)

On the crops that drink the ashes through a silver lining straw
Growing further but the stalk is slain
I'm a god but I'm treated like a bastard
The cast collapses and still I suffocate

I can't believe
I am (wearing thin) I am (sinking in) I am (drawing cold)

As we cut apart the pieces and we filter out the frame
Pumping life into this skeleton
Fighting off the way evangelists fight a cancer
An answer seems to find the light of day

There is a heart in this sea of disaster
And the boat's still at bay
Held together by the strongest of plaster
To carry my dreams away

Gone away
Sail away

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