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Second Time Virgin

This song is by Headless Chickens.

She got high on her own sweet juice picked up the phone
And wired to the moon finding Friday's tracks in the sand
Scratched the horse with both of her hands

She broke her nails and made my body hurt digging up the daisies
Digging in the dirt, dig for gold baby dig for gold, when we burn in hell
Then, we'll never be cold

Her big, dumb brother was on it saw him riding the tail of a comet
Her tulip licked it's red lips made me want to climb upon it

I want you to see that you and me are just the same I want
You to know the way you go is how you came and the wat you look
At me is the way that you always

Go, go second time virgin you want to

SH'es got 4 letter words
I adore tripped off her tongue and rolled on the floor getting
High on her own sweet breath I'd give my life for another little death

She's got bottomless holes in her chest the centre of the
Universe under her dress fighting to breath when I'm on my back
I could slip through a crack and never come back

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