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Truth Be Told

This song is by Head Over Hills.

Hey Girl,
I know what You're thinking
He smiles outside
But his knees are weak
And It's Obvious
That You're on to us
He's Too Young to know Any Better
He remembers bad times And regrets he met her
But it's not up to us
Lets be Serious
It's time for times to change
And it's Time to change your mind
When She Goes On and On
We Will Be Holding Strong
So Please Hurry On
When You Stay Out Too Late
She'll Plan Out Her Escape
Then There'll Be Hell To Pay
Poor Kid,
Thought he had it under control
She's A sweet girl but little did he know;
She's set on leaving him.
He's not significant.
She's got another in her sights
And She'll make him hers tonight

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