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Skirts Are Takin' Over

This song is by Head of Femur and appears on the album Hysterical Stars (2005).

Skirts are takin' over
That's exactly why I called
Gotta check the cue cards, grab my case and charge
Dominos are falling
The papers are blowing
I'm in the candy shop with
Sweetie and her boss
Businessman's lunch
Is the only way
From now on
Toll the bell
It's no use
I swear... tonight
Days are gettin' shorter
And I'm not exactly sure
I'm ready for a blackout every minute
Strange feel in the moments
The purple sun a-shines
I'm in the phone booth but people's on the line
Viable plans
Strict marketplace
Now all gone


Written by:

Mike Elsener, Ben Armstrong, and Matt Focht

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