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Ringodom or Proctor (2003)Edit

Head Of Femur - Ringodom Or Proctor
Ringodom or Proctor
  1. January on Strike
  2. Curve That Byrd
  3. Yeoman or Tinker
  4. 80 Steps to Jonah
  5. Me, My Dad, My Cousin, and... Ronnie
  6. Acme: The Summit of a Mountain
  7. The True Wheel
  8. Money Is the Root...
  9. Science Needed a Medical Man
  10. Finally I've Made It Nowhere
  11. The Car Wore a Halo Hat

Hysterical Stars (2005)Edit

Head Of Femur - Hysterical Stars
Hysterical Stars
  1. Elliott Gould Is in California Split
  2. Ringodom or Proctor
  3. Manhattan
  4. Percy
  5. Skirts Are Takin' Over
  6. The Sausage Canoe
  7. Oh You're Blue
  8. Song for Richard Manuel
  9. Born in the Seventies
  10. Easy Street
  11. Sometimes Friends
  12. Do the Cavern
  13. Jack and the Water Buffalo

Great Plains (2008)Edit

Head Of Femur - Great Plains
Great Plains
  1. Whirlaway
  2. Great Plains
  3. Leader & the Falcon
  4. Jetway Junior
  5. River Ramble
  6. Covered Wagons
  7. Climbing Up Fire Escapes
  8. Where's the Fire
  9. Napoleon's Boots
  10. By the Red Fire
  11. Open the Door Lucille
  12. This Message
  13. Isn't It a Shame

Additional information

Band members:
  • Mike Elsener - guitar, vocals
  • Matt Focht - vocals, guitar, drums
  • Eathan Janney - keyboards
  • Colby Starck - drums, vocals
  • Nick Westra - bass, vocals
Former members:
  • Ben Armstrong
Record labels:

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