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This song is by He Is Legend and appears on the EP 91025 (2004).

I don’t know where I should begin
I’ve just lost respect in all my friends
Just as I feel like a fake
Don’t you know it breaks
His eyes barely open it changes the way he dreams
The skies, they conduct him.
Don’t you know how this came about when he hugged the ocean

I think I should have tried again
Between the lines I caught his last grin
I think he knows he shook my heart
Around that time the preaching starts
Don’t you know? Its fake?

His eyes slowly closing
It changes the way I dream
I tried to conduct him
Don’t you know how this came about when he hugged the ocean

Should I stay awake?
Try not to lose my head?
It will be all right (but) it changes the way I dream

I’ve seen gray skies that turned to blue
and the way you smile when you tell me I’ll get through this

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