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This song is by Haze and appears on the album The Last Battle (2013).

I woke up early with the sun in my eyes and the dream still clear in my mind
I walked out of my life and out of town, with my bags just as it started to rain
I sat right down by the railroad track just like it had been in the dream
I laid down my load, with nothing to lose and waited for the train

Now after a while my friend came by just to see what I was goin' through
And we talked about the way everybody seemed to be waiting for something new
To come along and change the way we are and what we're gonna do
And after a while she sat right down there and started waiting too

A few days later folk were stopping by and some of them would stay
We had tents and fires and music and stuff the biggest party that you ever saw
Soon we were getting organized building homes and growing our food
I thought we'd really found a new way to live, a blueprint for a better way
And I got so busy that I almost forgot just what I was waiting for

A year has come and gone and you wouldn't believe just how things have changed
Everyday there's more people here I never knew so many felt the same
But still sometimes I think about the dream and how my life would have been
On a rainy day in summertime waiting for the train

Now our kids have grown old and I'm getting tired as I look back on what we've done
We've schools and shops and doctors and things and a sense of who we are for sure
But there's still no sign of change in the world or the things that we're hoping'll come
And sometimes I think maybe it's all inside what we're waiting for

In the dead of night I sat by the track all alone as the stars unfurled
I felt younger as the world grew old and I don't think I'll be coming back
Put my ear to the ground and I heard a rumbling sound like thunder from another world
Then a blinding light and a screaming steam and the last thing I saw was the train
Coming down the track

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