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The Red Room

This song is by Haze and appears on the album The Last Battle (2013).

By the light of reason, all the world seems clear, what do we have left to fear
And in the eyes of science, each obeys the rules, those who doubt are worse than fools

Nightmare vision the language of dreams, heeds no law
Oh in the dead of the night you never know what will grow
Dead eyed spectres remorseless and cold, walk the room
Here in silence they watch through the dark windows of the soul

We live by our assumptions, some of them are true, but most of them we never prove
The guiding force of intellect, gave us all it knew, but it only asks the questions it gives answers to

Older instincts have gone underground, undisturbed
How can you deny what you don't even know is here
In the Red Room we see what we are, and what we were
Here in subconscious refuge we dance to the pulse of fear, the pulse of fear

We are the nightmares you can't escape,
We are your childhood fears you've locked away
We are the dark thoughts left unspoken
We are behind that door you fear to open
To the Red Room
To the Red Room

Here in the Red Room, we feed on hate
Here in the Red Room, we wait, we wait
We wait

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