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The Last Battle

This song is by Haze and appears on the album The Last Battle (2013).

My life has been a long one with many a song to sing
I gave my heart, my sword and shield in the service of the King

But when my soul grows weary I climb up on the hill
And gaze across this land I love the place I know so well

When war calls again I am sworn to answer
All I ask is that when the fight is done

I want to come back to the place I love
I want to end my days here
I want to lie back while the stars above
Wash away the blood and the tears
And if I should fall on the blood red field
Carry my bones back home
Lay me down underneath the ground of home

I never feared the battle never feared the pain
But now I fear to fall before I see this place again

The years take their toll I grow slow and old
All I ask is that when the fight is done

The Saxon tide is rising The beacons light the sky
And I must take up arms again to fight - perhaps to die

So here on this hill I leave my soul waiting
All I ask is that when my life is done

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