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Over The River

This song is by Haze and appears on the album The Last Battle (2013).

The breath of life laid bare
The faintest flicker burning
Worn beyond repair
By the years of love and learning
Over the river you go before me
Strong in faith spirit clear
Full of purpose free of fear
This I tell you

A life that numbered days
A gift so precious but so fleeting
I never saw your face
A heart too frail to keep on beating
Over the river way beyond me
For all the things you'll never see
All you'll never grow to be
This I tell you

Every day I know you walk beside me
Now and then I hear your voice inside me
I know there will always be a part of you alive in me
And I will keep it there forever

And now it comes to me
As I am growing older
To set my spirit free
Lift this burden from my shoulder
Over the river no returning
For all the things I've left undone
Battles lost and battles won
This I tell you

Every day I will walk beside you
If you need me I'll be there to guide you
I hope there will alwys be a space inside your heart for me
And I will be with you forever

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