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Classic Rock Bar

This song is by Haze and appears on the album The Last Battle (2013).

I was playing on stage when I heard the news the night that mad sass died
Took the boys out the back ran through the chords of free electric band
And we played for the lives, played for the times, played for the memory of the big man,
I don't think we'll see his like again, no not again

There was buffy and toastie the ginger twats, Birley mick bona and martin, hippy phil, splodge, les, rob tarana, spider, wolfie and sarah.
Little chris, fred, lez, anna and Ed, sergio and paul pearson too!
And a little old lady from the flats round the back, just don't tell the kids she's down the CRB

There were Chavs with bags of stolen booze, in black and yellow carriers
Friday night kids heading for the coop, stop by for a shandy or two
Music playing every night sass at the helm with a pint or eight of baccardi and coke his bike stood in the corner, hey you'd better not touch!

We had all day barbeques and charity gigs bikers from the long riders, folkies, hippy's goths and druids, even Morris dancers too
A sign that says no suits allowed, but warning, may contain nuts
Misfits, bikers, dreamers, musos, poets, & drummers too in the the CRB

Every Monday night we'd go the good the bad the ugly
Easy rider £1.50 a pint at the open mic
And some can't sing and some can't play, but no one really cares
And the greatest stage that I ever played, was on the sticky carpet at the CRB

A derelict bar made home for the homeless, The Buffer made jolly again
From tuxedo blue to the Yorkshireman killed by the people who shut him down
And I don't think we'll see his likes again no not again

In the summer of 2005 bikes roared across the city,
From ecclesall road to grenoside stopping for a pint on the way
Harleys, triumphs, trikes and hogs you could hear 'em from afar
Standing room only in the chapel of rest and eoin teather played Moon River,
Raise a can of special brew for Sass, Sass and all of the crew down the Classic Rock Bar

We gathered there by candlelight a vigil for the past
Guitars and bikes and cans of booze, wrote tributes on the walls
But now there's just a pile of bricks and we're a poorer quieter town
'Cause we lost the man who brought it all together, brought us all together at the classic rock bar
We've lost more than I think we'll ever know, but you never know, not down the CRB

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