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This song is by Haymaker and appears on the album The Precursor (2013) by zahqo.

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I had the dream, it was beautiful
Like they said that it would be
I felt so strong, we ran together
I never knew that being one could be so free

And she bathed me in her solar glory
She broke my demon menagerie
It's like I'm living in a different story
Take this life so I can learn to be

I still recall that first sunset
My first apple from the tree
It's so amazing being someone
When love has every possibility

And as we gaze up into that starry wonder
It's like our life is written on the sky
A different heavens; a different story
A perfect peace for you and I

Something's changing, I can feel it
And I believe it's good
If you want love, if you want caring
Let's start in our own neighborhood

And when we gaze up to that starry wonder
Throw out our demons, you and me
Then we'd be living in a different story
A better place for you and me

A better place for you and me
A better place for you and me

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