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Bad, Bad Girl

This song is by Haymaker and appears on the album The Precursor (2013) by zahqo.

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I lost my dignity last night
I woke up to an angry bear and I had to run from the fight
My fans all loved me, I was doing all right
Now I'll alone again, not one in sight

I lost my home, I lost my things
But they are not that important except the comfort that they bring
Against the feeling of empty that I have late at night
How can I be so unhappy when everything I do is right?

I'm a bad bad girl
I'm a bad bad girl

I had my day on stage and that's right where I belong
They all knew my name and they gladly cheered along
But I don't understand the ugly things you say
Like you don't want me around, like you wanted me to go away

Well if you can't recognize perfection
I can't accept your rejection

Now my ego is purple bruised and black
But the times I showed them up, well, they cannot take that back
And I know that I'm still better, I keep pickin' at the scab
With righteous indignation at the victories they had

I'm a bad bad girl
I'm a bad bad girl
Let me show you
I'm a bad bad girl
I'm a bad bad girl
Love to troll you

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