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Angel In My Heart(Ft.Jump5)

This song is by Haylie Duff and features Jump5.

I heard a whisper that touched deep inside my soul
Like some familiar melody
A hidden chapter from a story left untold
I gotta feeling, I could believe in

There is an angel in my heart
Feels like I'm guided by a candle in the dark
It's taken all this time
To finally find out what I could never see
You were there for me
Now there is no doubt that there will always be
An angel in my heart

You were the friend, you were the one I could confide in
You gave me strength that I could never find
Deep emotions that I've always been denying
I believe in, it's so close now, it's you that
I'm feeling


Finally found what I've been searching for
(All my life)
It was right before my eyes
Oh, you are my angel
I know you'll always be there
You are my one and only angel

To finally find what I could never see
(You were there for me)
Now there is no doubt that there will always be
An angel in my heart(oh oh yeah yeah)

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